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Ohana Martial Arts Academy Brings The Whole Family Together

Here at Ohana Martial Arts Academy, we believe that training together as a family is important. We offer a unique program that trains parents and kids at the same time in the same class. Whether you have a huge family of your own, or you want to join by yourself, our family classes are the place to be. You won't find anything else like this in Firestone.

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Kids Martial Arts Near Firestone

Come To Ohana Martial Arts Academy To Grow And Learn Together

Our Family Classes incorporate every member of the family in order to train in a way that teaches you how to work together as a unit. There's also the added benefit of your child looking at you as the leader in every situation! By having an integrated learning environment, we're able to teach leadership skills as well as focus, respect, and attention.

Families all over Firestone are benefiting by:

  • Learning how to work together in challenging situations
  • Teaching each other how to master new skills
  • Respecting the process in each individual
  • Celebrating together when growth is achieved

Martial Arts Should Always Be A Family Event

Ohana Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to creating a stronger relationship within your family and the family that you'll make here with us. We offer a variety of classes that include the whole family that we're excited to invite you to join. You're welcome to join our family classes as a single member of the Ohana family, too!

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Kids Martial Arts near Firestone

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Kids Martial Arts near Firestone

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